Revamp Your LinkedIn Presence: Professional Profile Makeover

Revamp Your LinkedIn Presence: Professional Profile Makeover

After a prospective client talks to you, the next place they visit is your LinkedIn profile.

Turn Your Outdated Online Linkedin Presence Into A Powerful Client Acquisition Machine

Since 2017, we have written and designed LinkedIn profiles for clients in almost every industry and of all professional levels, from startup owners to CEO. We know your Linkedin Profile is one of 2 steps to online credibility, which is why we custom design and write every LinkedIn profile tailored towards the industry and clients that you want to attract. You deserve to have a LinkedIn profile you’re proud to share with prospective clients, no matter your entrepreneurial journey.

Linkedin Profile Writing Services for Your Professional Success

Since 2017, we have written and designed CV’s for clients in almost every industry and of all professional levels, from student to manager to CEO. We know your resume is your first step to getting an interview, which is why we custom design every CV tailored towards the job you want and deserve, not some general template that most job seekers use. You deserve to have a resume you’re proud to share with employers, no matter your experience or skill level.

Linkedin Profile Writing Service For Professional Networking Opportunities

Your clients are already on Linkedin and building their professional network. It’s much easier to connect with clients when you have a complete and visible LinkedIn profile rather than an incomplete and ineffective profile that’s not written and designed for your target market. People like to know who they are talking to and the value of your services, and your profile should tell them just that.


Profile Keywords

Benefit from having your profile optimized for search queries so it can be found by your clients.


Enticing Written Content

We produce engaging content that speaks to the reader in the right way and we implement effective calls to action.


Bring Your Skills to Life

We use a variety of different methods to ensure you come across as an expert in your chosen field.

Professional Image Design

We custom design your LinkedIn profile’s banner photo, as well as consult you on your profile image if required.

Working With Us is Easy. See Our Process Below:

What service do you need? Website Design, Linkedin Profile or SEO, or Linkedin Automation?

Contact us directly so we can get a full understanding of your LinkedIn profile aspirations. A detailed client questionnaire will be emailed to you in order to facilitate the LinkedIn profile-development process.

After completing your questionnaire and sending us your existing LinkedIn profile (if you have one) we will send through an invoice for payment.

Once all revisions are made and approved, this confirms you are 100% satisfied.

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“Our primary goal is to help your practice grow by using effective web design and digital marketing services like SEO and Google Ads. My clients work with me because I put their needs above anything else. I am a soldier in the battlefield, fighting for their success.” – Chad Prinsloo

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