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The Advantages of Hiring and Working With a Freelance Web Designer

Chad Prinsloo | Web Designer

Chad Prinsloo  |  Freelance Web Designer  |  Website Design

July 02 2019

There are many advantages of working with a freelance web designer. Where modern design agencies offer teams of different specialists, a freelance website designer is able to work on all aspects of your website themselves.

Because we are sole proprietors, we’re willing to go above and beyond what a salaried employee would be willing to do because a freelance web designer’s predominant driving force is word of mouth referrals from clients we work with. Freelancers rely on your referrals to keep our business afloat. Salaried employees are mostly only worried about doing just enough to not get fired.

Web design agencies generally have a list of freelancers they outsource development work too, although the client is unaware of this. I regularly work with agencies who hire me to complete web design projects on behalf of their clients because most of the time they have an abundance of projects they need to complete in a short time-frame.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 5 main advantages of hiring a freelance web designer so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth it for your own website design needs.

#1 A Freelance Web Designer Can Give Competitive Prices

Freelance web designers have less overhead costs than agencies do because they work out of their home. This means they can pass these savings on directly onto their clients. When you hire a freelancer, you’re not paying for the office space, pool table, bonuses, equipment costs, etc. The price you pay goes towards their time and skill that is being dedicated to your web design project.

When hiring an agency, they have overhead which is often passed down to the client in the form of an inflated price which may include factors like rent, laptops and stationery, software, salaries and bonuses, training, etc.

#2 Freelance Web Designers Are More Responsive To Clients

When you work with a skilled freelancer, you are dealing with only one point of contact, not several different departments. This generally means more direct communication, time-saving and less hassle for the client because there is no hierarchy that can cause delays in the project.

#3 Freelance Web Designers Deliver Web Design Projects Faster

Because a freelancer makes decisions and moves faster than agencies, they can deliver the project to the client faster. Most freelancers aren’t bound by the hours of a regular 8-5 workday. This means that they will usually work long hours and late nights to ensure that your project is finished on time. Design revisions also happen more quickly due to only one individual handling the client project.

We are motivated to do our job faster because it’s in our best interest to get paid sooner (usually the final deposit once the project has been delivered).

#4 Freelance Web Designers Have a Personal Approach

Freelancers rarely ever take on more than 3-5 projects at a time. That’s why you can establish a good relationship with them, which will also contribute to a better final result of your project.

We enjoy working with clients 1 on 1 and always act in a friendly and professional attitude because relationship building and referrals are so important to us.

#5 Freelance Web Designers Have Flexibility

Flexibility is a very important factor for those who choose to work with freelancers over agencies. We are flexible enough to suit your needs and even communicate with you after hours on weekends and holidays if needed or if you have an emergency edit/addition to your website.

On rare occasions we can also meet with the client at their business premises or a coffee shop (although most of the times if it’s urgent we will do a video call). This type of relationship building and flexibility can only be offered by a freelancer.