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5 Things To Consider When Hiring A Website Designer

Chad Prinsloo | Web Designer

Chad Prinsloo  |  Web Designer  |  South Africa

May 26 2020

If you do a Google search for “Web Designer Johannesburg” or “web designer in South Africa” you are likely to receive thousands of search results. How do you decide which Web Design company or web designer partner with? Should you decide based on how modern their own website looks or do you decide based on their SEO ranking or even Google reviews?

These are all valid options to consider when selecting a Web Design Company to work with. Choosing the right web design in Johannesburg , website design in Pretoria, or web designer in Cape Town should be done with careful consideration. You are developing a relationship that will most likely span a few years, so it is best to choose wisely before committing to the web design company you will work with.

I’ve put together five of the most important things to consider before hiring a web designer:

Hire A Website Designer For Personality First, Then Work Experience

When hiring a website designer or website design company, who you work during the project phase is the most important consideration. While experience is important, the bigger predictor of success is the person’s personality and how it fits yours or your company’s communication and work style. It’s important for the points of contact on both sides to have a good rapport in the beginning, to ensure the project can move forward as scheduled. Mutual respect and understanding will help to steer the project in the right direction without communication issues, especially in the case of anything unexpected that might come up.

Does The Website Designer Have Knowledge Of SEO?

The entire purpose of getting your website designed is to maximise and grow its potential reach to your target audience online, and if your website is not optimised for SEO once it’s been designed and developed, then it will not give you the desired results. Sure, you can choose to use another web designer or web design company for SEO or Cape Town SEO once your website has been completed, but it’s always best to use the same web designer because they designed your website from the ground up and don’t need to get acquainted with the setup or the code. The right website designer understands visual design as well as the SEO aspect of the website.

Discuss Expectations With Your Website Designer Upfront

If you have any questions or concerns about working together, make sure to address this with your website designer upfront before the project kicks off. You need to be confident that the web designer understands what you want to achieve visually, the timeline and completion date of the website, costs, how they work, who is providing the content, and any other relevant information for a successful website project outcome.

Does The Web Designer Provide Regular And Quality Customer Service?

Designing a quality website is a process, and it takes a lot of research from the designer and clear communication on both sides to deliver the expected end outcome. It’s always important to choose a web design company that offers excellent customer service and are professional in their approach. If the web designer does not ask about your website goals, discusses the project phase, or fails to ask you any questions about your business, then it’s not going to turn out well in the end.

Does The Web Designer Have A Robust Portfolio Of Work?

An experienced web design company will have worked on many website projects. Choosing a website design company that has designed quality websites for businesses in your field will give you confidence that they can do it for you too. Avoid a web designer that hesitates to show you their past work, as it might be an indication of them promising more than they can deliver.